my yumeship page!
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what the heck is this?

for a brief explanation, yumeshipping (aka selfshipping) is exactly what it sounds like: a real person shipping themselves with fictional characters. it is often done for fun and is NOT a delusion or indicative of a mental illness.

do note that while there is some overlap between selfshipping and oc x canon shipping, they are not the same and often have separate communities! i just happen to participate in both and document them here.

welcome to my yume/selfship page! below you'll find my ocs and self-inserts that i made. i plan to update these with their own separate lore/gallery pages in the future.

DOUBLE HELIX (he/him, she/her)
honkai: star rail oc
A hacker from Punklorde who left her planet to travel the galaxy in search of fun new experiences. Though he seems like a rather happy and cheerful sort and says exactly what others want to hear, he hides intense emotions that can change at the drop of a hat. She's completely obsessed with otome games to the point of viewing reality as one.

In his travels, he became acquainted with the Galaxy Ranger, Boothill, and now serves as his work partner.